Do you grow plants indoors?

If so, Indogro is ready to rock your world! We’ve developed a revolutionary system that will optimize your growing experience tenfold. Our indoor hydroponic growing cabinets are hand-crafted to the highest standards of quality and construction, at a lower price point.

As people come to realize the sensitive nature of the environment and the need for energetic efficiency, the value of organic, locally-produced herbs, fruits, and vegetables is recognized. At Indogro, we want to see communities thrive! We want to empower individuals, businesses, dispensaries, and every other green-thumbed enterprise.

Enjoy greater efficiency in gardening than you ever imagined to be possible! Our premium indoor growing cabinets are fully self-contained—featuring an automated hydroponic watering system, comprehensive climate control, built-in circuit breaker panel, powerful light output, and much more.  It’s a complete turnkey system that pays for itself in one crop! With expert customer service and reliable, top-quality construction, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Ideal for commercial and residential use, Indogro units are available for shipping nationwide. Whether you’re an individual with a home garden or a high-volume collective, we’ll have you ready to go—and ready to GROW—in no time at all!

Rave Reviews

I gotta say, I’m not the most technologically savvy guy, and other growing systems were too complicated for me to set up. But this ready to “grow” system makes growing easy for anyone!


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